Fireplaces, Hearths and Inglenooks

Crafted To Your Needs

The Fireplace is the focal point of any room. At Calder Masonry time served craftsmen carve in our Woodkirk Yorkstone beautiful traditional and modern designs, classic fireplaces impervious to passing fashions. All our fireplaces are individually made and both size and design can be altered to suit any appliance or situation.  All our brochure design fireplaces can be altered to suit gas, electric or solid fuel e.g. flat back panels for inset fires or stone inglenooks for a basket or stove. To inspire your choice view the gallery below or visit our showroom.

We can also produce any bespoke designs.

For stockists local to you please contact us for details.

  • Natural Stone Fireplaces
  • Wood burning stove surrounds
  • Inglenooks
  • Hearths