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Here at Calder Masonry we are proud to use a wide variety of locally sourced British stones, the majority are English stones from Yorkshire. With over 30 years experience in the stone industry and a passion for natural stone, we use our expertise and knowledge to carefully select block from the quarry which is then worked here on site. This means not only do we offer a great selection of stones to our customers but we also keep control on the quality of the stone. We produce work in a variety of Sandstone, Gritstone and Limestone.

We also offer a stone matching service to ensure new blends with old. There are many ageing and colouring processes we can do to achieve a good match.

Stone block as it arrives in our yard from the quarry.

Dimensional Stone Saw
Dimensional stone saw cutting slab.


Stone Turning
Stone turning.

Our Stone Samples

Here are just a few examples of the natural stones we currently use.